Bookforum, Nowhere Fast: Suicides, burials, palliative care, and willful immersion in death

HazlittWhen Desire Goes Dark: Desire, depression, and the impossibility of protecting yourself from pain

The Nation, The Quiet Discontent of Sarah Manguso: Regarding brevity, severity, and ego

The New Republic, Anne Carson's Splintered Brilliance: On poetry's tendency to humble our intellects

Real Life, Telling Time: Love, video games, and consequence

Hazlitt, Secrets Among Distractions: Where's Waldo? and similar existential dramas

The New InquirySo You Think You've Got Class?: The sad error in conflating social and economic standing

The New Republic, The Art of Revealing Your Salary: Financial transparency, creative community, and writing

The New InquiryWays We Don't Talk About Wealth: Money and how to talk about it, or not

Splinter, We Harpies Want More: The implacable, righteous restlessness of women in 2018

Times Literary Supplement, Hard Stuff: On mainstream feminism's persistent woeful inadequacy

The Nation, Feminist Living: Lynne Segal's quietly radical vision of collective liberation

The New InquiryLive Through This: Rape, gendered damage, and gendered lack of damage

MatterThe Meme-ification of Misandry: Is hatred of men a joke? It is real? Is it both?

I've attempted to catalog all of my writing here and here, if you're looking for a comprehensive list.  

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