I'm a writer best known for the lyric memoir pieces I've squirreled away for years in different corners of the internet.         The majority of that work is now available in book form. (See "Books," above.)

I regularly contribute to BookforumHazlitt, The New Republic, and other outlets. (See "Articles," above.)

I'm co-founder of TigerBee Press, an independent publisher, and proud to have been a co-founder of Tits and Sass,          which is still the only website by and for sex workers. 

I host a monthly series called Bad Advice For Bad Women, usually in NYC but sometimes not. (See "In Person," above.)

You can find out more about me through my sloppy, self-revealing antics online. (See the social media icons, below.)  

You can also subscribe to one of two Tiny Letters: practical and sporadic and/or more meditative and frequent, with music. But maybe this information is already enough.