Hi. I’m Charlotte Shane, a writer and publisher.

I contribute regularly to Bookforum, Dissent, and TLS. My primary focus in 2019 is finishing Tell Me You're Happy to See Me for Simon & Schuster. I have poor self-discipline, so please wish me luck.

I publish the books of writers I admire through TigerBee Press, which I cofounded in 2015. Our most recent title is I Love Art. We also make cards, prints, totes—whatever we’re in the mood for.


In the image above, two dear friends are presenting me with an award for being the worst woman. This picture was taken at New York’s Ace Hotel in May of 2018 by Seze Devres, on the final night of
a monthly reading series I hosted for two years.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 12, 1-6pm — Brooklyn Library
Press Fest with TigerBee

Friday, May 31, 10pm — Bluestockings
Bluestocking’s 20th Birthday Bash

Monday, June 3, 7pm — Bluestockings
Hands On with Stoya


Selected Writing

In My Feelings (Bookforum)
Time’s Up (The Baffler)
So You Think You’ve Got Class (The New Inquiry)
General Criticism

Hard Stuff (TLS)
Lust Never Sleeps (Bookforum)
On Jenny Diski (LitHub)

The Body Politic (Bookforum)
Death, and Nearness to It
Nowhere Fast (Bookforum)

Power Trip (Bookforum)

It Happened To Her (The New Republic)

Saying It For Themselves (Bookforum)
Ballet For Horses (The New Republic)
Deep Cuts

I Think About This A Lot (The Cut)
Hugh Hefner is Dead (TLS)

Breaking The Waves (Bookforum)
A Century of Women Fighting Back (The New Republic)
What Men Want (Dissent)
Feminist History
Mommy Issues (Dissent)
Feminist Living (The Nation)

Live Through This (The New Inquiry)
Obstruction of Justice ( Harper’s)

David Lynch’s Art Life (The New Republic)
About the Unsayable
On Anne Carson’s Splintered Brilliance (The New Republic)

Telling Time (Real Life)
66FF00 (WebSafe2k16)
Personal Writing
When Desire Goes Dark (Hazlitt)
The Ways We Don’t Talk About Wealth (The New Inquiry)


I still have a tiny letter which I use very rarely to share essays that don’t appear anywhere else. It’s free to join.

I’m represented by Samantha Shea at Georges Borchardt. My social media profiles are linked below. If you like cats you’ll love my Instagram stories and yes, I have a Soundcloud profile but no, I am not a rapper.